Macondo Tulum

Intertwined with the paradisiacal beauty of the Riviera Maya, Macondo Tulum is inspired by the mythical town of One Hundred Years of Solitude: From the concrete and the trees that surround it, stories emerge. From its terraces, the infinite landscape of Tulum envelops this paradise with an almost magical atmosphere.

About Tulum

This Magical Town is located in the very heart of the Riviera Maya, one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations.

A city that combines the historical legacy of the mayan people, with the beautiful nature of the peninsula, the jungle that surrounds everything in sight, and it’s beloved beaches.

Are you ready to invest in a new story?


Macondo Tulum is located inside Aldea Maya, part of Aldea Zamá. This residential zone has one of the highest returns of the region, and is just minutes away from the most important landmarks of Tulum.

Fenced by the natural beauty of Quintana Roo, Macondo is a Caribbean jewel: a charm of the new urban Tulum.

With 18 available units, you can discover everything this exclusive residential community has for you and your family.

Ecological Lagoon Pool

Our ecological pool is a showcase of our environmentally friendly philosophy: It’s eco-purification system uses only salts of natural origin, making this micro-lagoon a recreational space perfectly integrated into the environment of Tulum.

Penthouses with outdoor Jacuzzi

The terrace jacuzzis in our penthouses are a breath of absolute freedom just at the height of the mayan jungle’s treetops. An outdoor space, between land and sky, with the light Caribbean breeze swaying the palm trees.

Holistic Center

Macondo Tulum exists to be a space for creation and self-discovery. That is why we want whoever visits us to rediscover the experience of relaxing and healing in our Holistic Center.

Gated cluster with private security

To ensure that your peace of mind is 5 stars, we are located in an exclusive private cluster with 24-hour security.

Palapa bar

Our bar in the pool area, ready for you to enjoy your favorite drinks in the comfort of an exclusive environment.


Macondo Tulum is located in the most exclusive area of Tulum. With a growing residential environment, and excellent capital gains on real estate investments.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Mayan jungle and the beautiful Caribbean Sea just minutes away.

More than investing, you are writing a new story.

From USD$229,000

ground floor

$249,000 USD


$229,000 USD


$299,000 USD